Rebellion Against God Leads to Servitude

After all the miracles that YHWH performed to deliver Israel to the promised land, they still disobeyed. They intermarried with people of different faiths who they were supposed to drive from the land. In time they served false gods and the Lord’s anger was kindled up against them. He turned them over to enemies as a result.

Let us remain humble enough to remember that YHWH does not change and we are not somehow better than the Israelites. YHWH has delivered to the USA a great nation, but we have turned in large part against him. We should not doubt for a moment that he will ultimately remove his hand of blessing and perhaps turn us over to destruction or servitude as judgment against us and to help drive us to repent as a people. The USA largely remains very proud and independent and does not depend even on YHWH, which is unfortunate.

As his people, we should humble ourselves and pray, and turn from our wicked ways and ask forgiveness (2 Chronicles 7:14). Do not confuse this with waiting for the wicked to humble themselves. The message to repent is for YHWH’s people.

Judges 3:1-8

Idolatry Leads to Servitude

      1Now these are the nations which the LORD left, to test Israel by them (that is, all who had not experienced any of the wars of Canaan; 2only in order that the generations of the sons of Israel might be taught war, those who had not experienced it formerly). 3These nations are: the five lords of the Philistines and all the Canaanites and the Sidonians and the Hivites who lived in Mount Lebanon, from Mount Baal-hermon as far as Lebo-hamath. 4They were for testing Israel, to find out if they would obey the commandments of the LORD, which He had commanded their fathers through Moses. 5The sons of Israel lived among the Canaanites, the Hittites, the Amorites, the Perizzites, the Hivites, and the Jebusites; 6and they took their daughters for themselves as wives, and gave their own daughters to their sons, and served their gods.

      7The sons of Israel did what was evil in the sight of the LORD, and forgot the LORD their God and served the Baals and the Asheroth. 8Then the anger of the LORD was kindled against Israel, so that He sold them into the hands of Cushan-rishathaim king of Mesopotamia; and the sons of Israel served Cushan-rishathaim eight years.


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