Get Involved. Influence the politics of our country… or someone else will.

We have important elections coming up very soon. People will be put in positions of influence at local, state, and national levels. Whether it is a local city council member, a board of education member, or a senator or congressman headed for Washington D.C., they all have influence over the policies that govern our nation or locality.

Many Christians seem to be disengaged at times. They see the sin rampant in society and often in candidates as well. They choose not to vote. If we, as followers of Christ, do not vote… than others who reject Him will. No matter how imperfect the candidates, we should do our homework to understand the candidates… not just what they say (many lie) but also what their previous actions reflect. We should pray.

We must also test the values and principles they support against scripture. We must not choose someone because of the superficial diversity of their skin color or biological sex. Choose based on their values. Personal integrity matters, but so does policy and policy will have significant implications.

As an example, I have seen Christians turn against a man who had sinned (adultery) and repented (genuinely) years ago, but stood for the sanctity of life (against abortion). They instead turned to a man who has not committed adultery, but openly pronounced that he avidly supports abortion and promoting the homosexual agenda (encouraging them to embrace this lifestyle even at the expense of the rights of Christians rather than encouraging them to get help and repent). Which is the better candidate? Which is more consistent with God’s word? I will give you a hint… as Christians we believe in repentance and forgiveness of sin.

Another man in a different senate race was accused of dating women too much younger than him 40 years ago but had demonstrated 40 years of honorable living and openly professed his faith in God. His opponent openly supported abortion, the killing of millions of babies. How is this even a tough choice for a Christian? But it went the wrong way and another  ungodly person was sent to direct the policy of our national government.

Sometimes the decisions seem tougher. A Mormon ran for president awhile back, against a man who claimed to be Christian. However, the policies and beliefs that the false Christian supported were not consistent with God’s word. The Mormon supported policies more consistent with our Christian values. Many did not vote for him because he was a Mormon. Meanwhile they voted for someone who was not a Christian either, but he claimed to be. Many bad policies have damaged our country since and continued to normalize ungodly behavior in our nation.

Staying home is not the right answer either. If we stay home, it just means someone else will vote, someone who may be voting for an agenda to overturn Christian values and embrace godlessness. We must not hold out for a perfect candidate. They do not exist. Look for the one who will protect our freedom to worship and live the way our Creator intends. Look for the one who will say no to a blatantly sinful agenda of normalizing abortion, homosexuality, transgender, etc. In most cases today, they don’t even pretend to hide their ungodly agenda.

I encourage you to know your candidates, pray for your locality and our nation, pray for guidance on how to vote and be active. Not only vote, but engage people ahead of the election to influence them also. Let us take back our country for righteousness and cast aside wickedness and depravity which is all to often being normalized.


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