Christian History

In understanding our faith as Christians and preparing our lives to serve Christ we do well to study accurate historical events and people that have come before us. Much is often left out of or changed in school curricula that diminishes the role of God in our world history.

By accurately understanding the role of Christianity in world history… both  genuine Christians who served God and those that claim be Christian but serve only themselves… we better prepare ourselves for serving God in our own lives and avoiding the lies about Christianity told by Satan and by the world.

As we witness current events or study history, it is important to remember the following:

  • Not all who claim to be Christian are actually Christian.
  • Some who genuinely seek Christ, fail to act consistently with God’s word.
  • Many who serve God boldly are actually persecuted and martyred… sometimes even by religious leaders, for their service to God.

The following are some resources to help in studying history related to God working through His people:

You can also search out your own. There are an increasing number of resources available including many homeschooling curricula which properly integrate Biblical history with what we teach our children and learn ourselves. Many/most of the curricula used in public or even private schools pull out the Christian threads of history from the curricula, leaving behind a distorted view of history (e.g. de-emphasizing the Christian faith and focus of our founding fathers in establishing our USA).

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