The world today calls us to give our children over to the care of government or private institutions (a.k.a. schools) during their most formative years with a promise that they will receive a good education. The world would have you believe that homeschooling is the exception, odd, and worse.

The reality is that even a superficial study of history reveals that homeschooling is by far the norm over time and has worked very well. It was not until fairly recent in world history that sending children off to school became so common. Many well known people did not get a formal education at a school… ranging from Jesus Christ Himself to many presidents of the United States including John Adams, Andrew Jackson, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln,  Theodore Roosevelt, and George Washington.

Today there is a tremendous amount of material easily available for homeschoolers through the internet and through many Christian support organizations.

There are many compelling reasons to consider homeschooling… incorporating Christian values into your children’s educational foundation and worldview, building relationship with your children, concern for your children’s safety and welfare, getting a higher quality education, and I could go on.

It is a big task though, and not to be underestimated but few who take it on ever regret it!

If you are trying to decide if you should consider homeschooling take a look on the web or from among some of the references I have included below.


  • A Beka Academy provides excellence in education from a Christian perspective. Great support and content up through high school. Easy place to start for beginners. We love it.
  • Cathy Duffy Reviews provides a great overview of homeschooling curricula and approaches. We found it very helpful. Her book 102 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum is an invaluable resource!
  • Sonlight Christian Homeschool website at provides more than a curriculum to consider. It provides additional encouragement and support for homeschooling that are worth reading, especially for beginners considering homeschooling for the first time.

Support Organizations

  • Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is so much more than just a legal organization that provides legal defense for members.  They help keep you informed about key issues relating to homeschooling and connect you with other valuable resources to round out you homeschooling experience.
  • Christian Home Education Fellowship (CHEF) organizations are often formed in local communities and at state levels. Examples include CHEF of Alabama or  CHEF of Louisiana. You can search the internet to find one close to you. Christian based communities formed to bring together and help homeschoolers.

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