Bibles, Devotions, and Prayers

Children’s Bibles

  • Read’n Grow Picture Bible by Libby Weed is great for children ages 5-9 with a comic-book format that captures the word of God accurately. It is good for individual or family reading.
  • The Beginner’s Bible is celebrating 20 years and over six million copies sold. They have great products ranging from Bibles, devotionals, prayer books, and online games. I highly recommend the app for Apple devices! Great for young children.
  • The Read and Share Bible by Gwen Ellis, published by Tommy Nelson, presents solid Bible teaching you and your kids can enjoy. Over 200 stories told in a way young children can understand helps to develop a strong Bible foundation.

Children’s Devotionals

  • 100 Read and Sing Devotions gets my children, and sometimes me too, up and dancing and singing along with focus on Biblical devotions to build their faith.
  • The One Year Book of Fun and Active Devotions for Kids (Tyndale Kids, 2000) contains 365 devotionals for families, each beginning with a question asked by a kid and followed by a Bible verse and an answer.
  • The Action Bible Devotional by Jeremy V. Jones (Published by David C. Cook, 2012) aims to impress with exciting illustrations and a week’s worth of activities for each Bible story. It is a one year devotional with real-life ways to live out God’s instruction.

Children’s Prayers

  • Bible Prayers for Bedtime by Jane Landreth targets 5-8 year old children with scripture reading from the Bible followed by a relevant prayer application for their lives.




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