• 100 Bible Stories 100 Bible Songs on DVD has 8 hours of awesome Bible entertainment for young children. Created by Stephen Elkins, published by Wonder Kids.
  • At Jesus’ Side is an animated family movie about the last week of Jesus’ life through the Resurrection, as seen through the eyes of a little pack of outcast animals.
  • Bibleman is a fun and action packed series of stories for kids that portray the truth of spiritual warfare in a simple way that kids can understand and want to watch… superheroes and villains.  You can also buy them as an Apple app at a great price!
  • Veggie Tales is a series of stories acted out by fruit and vegetable characters you and your kids will quickly grow to love. Each show includes biblical principles applied to every day life for kids.
  • Boz the Green Bear Next Door showcases a healthy Christian family including Mom, Dad, and two 4 year old twins living everyday life in a way that honors God and is lots of fun. Their next door neighbor is a fun green bear named Boz!
  • Gigi, God’s Little Princess by Sheila Walsh takes us along with a Christian family whose daughter loves to be God’s little princess. There are books, movies and more.
  • Greatest Heroes and Legends From the Bible is a captivating series hosted by Charlton Heston with thrilling portrayals of Biblical Heroes .
  • Hermie and Friends by Max Lucado provides entertaining Christian teaching about relating to God and to one another from using a unique perspective of our lovable friends in the garden.
  • Iesodo is a fun adaptation for kids to share the truth of the Bible through the character of Iesodo (a white dove representing Jesus) and His flock.
  • Life at the Pond takes you on adventures and everyday challenges with a smile. Each episode applies solid, biblically-based truths to life lessons that build character in your kids and provide more than a splash of humor along the way.
  • Paws and Tales welcomes you to Wildwood! Here the folks live just like you and me. They love fun and adventure, enjoy their work and family, and try to learn each day what it means to be like Christ. However, our friends here are woodland creatures.
  • Superbook at provides a fun way for your children to enjoy learning about many of the Bible stories that are not covered in many children’s videos. They are accurate and engaging.  Many are available free and more available by joining as a member.
  • The Jesus Kids’ Club DVD is a wonderful collection of 6 animated short stories that teach children about living for Jesus, evangelism, bullying, sharing and helping others.
  • The Lion Of Judah is an entertaining  animated movie in which barnyard animals try to save two of their friends from ending up on a sacrificial altar during Passover in Jerusalem.
  • Theo Presents teaches children God’s word and how they ought to live in light of it through fun and engaging storytelling. It brings out great depth of scripture in a way kids enjoy and ask to watch. Associated website at
  • The Torchlighters: Heroes of the Faith is a series of stories (targeting children ages 8-12) about true history of Christians who have put God’s calling above their own life. There are wonderful examples such as William Tyndale who risked his life to translate the Bible into English so people could read it for themselves. Associated website at




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