Online Activities

  • showcases a healthy Christian family including Mom, Dad, and two 4 year old twins living everyday life in a way that honors God and is lots of fun. Their next door neighbor is a fun green bear named Boz!
  • is a fun adaptation for kids to share the truth of the Bible through the character of Iesodo (a white dove representing Jesus) and His flock.
  • (part of has videos targeting fun biblical engagement for kids 2 years old 5th-6th grade. They also have parent material such as teaching videos, challenge cards, bible stories and music.
  • is celebrating 20 years and over six million copies sold. They have great products ranging from Bibles, devotionals, prayer books, and online games. I highly recommend the app for Apple devices! Great for young children.
  • is based on stories acted out by fruit and vegetable characters you and your kids will quickly grow to love. Shows includes biblical principles applied to every day life. USA, LLC

Sharing God's word through devotionals and other resources. Helping you study the Bible and apply it to your life. Helping young children to enjoy the Bible at our Kid Zone.